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Ron and Sue have moved to Bribie island, Qld.
Rontek-Gawler has now merged with BLUE MOUSE COMPUTERS (Kirt Hignett) with whom we have had many years of association with, including working for us for 2 years in the main street, attending our onsite jobs around Gawler and a joint partnership in our Roxby Downs enterprise.
Kirt has 15 years of experience with the IT industry and has also expanded in to Networking, Communications and pretty much every thing else IT.

We provide an honest reliable service dealing with upgrades, sales & repairs in all aspects of the computer industry.

ronTEK Computer Services was born out of hobby gone mad. Sue and Ron Bath started ronTEK Computers after there was a definite need for another computer repairer in the northern area of Adelaide, South Australia. We have been involved with computers for nearly 23 years as a hobby and 10 years as a registered business. ronTEK now has a steady client base and have many satisfied customers. We both come from the country, where service is always with a smile. ronTEK has customers from all over South Australia, one lady even caught a bus all the way from Mount Gambier to get her computer serviced and she has been a loyal customer for over 6 years. Many clients live in the country and come to town to shop, they dropped their computers into ronTEK and approx 4 hours later after they have shopped, they pick up their computer. Some businesses in Gawler have had their computers pick up after close of business repaired overnight and delivered back prior to opening of business.